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18, דגים, Colombia, Medellin
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Im a little shy, I like to experience new things and thats why I created
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holi =)

My name is samira and I am 18 years old, I live in Colombia I will not tell you where jijiji. If you come one day I would love to go to have a coffee with you and chat a little, I would be delighted and it would be nice to meet you, I love to chat about various things but more than any other music I am currently practicing an instrument which is the violin I hope that when I play in a show you can see me, I am usually smiling but if you see me play with me I love the dice, but if you have another game I would love to try it, I would like us to have fun together, for me that is the most important thing, I love the chites tell me one.

I will only say one more thing before finishing my only purpose of being here is to be able to fall in love causing you those coquillas that call it butterflies, I want to become your drug, I want you to laugh madly that we are very good friends, I want you to accompany me in my crazy things in front of the camera, I just want to love at the same time.

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Help me and I will please you;)
Help me and I will please you;)
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